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The world of Green is colorful

The world of Green is vibrant and confident. It illustrates the enthusiasm with which we approach the digital future, because this future will be as exciting as it is challenging. It's evolving much faster than we could have imagined just a short while ago. Our world is on the brink of transformation, demanding superlative solutions: ultra-powerful computers, immense storage capacities, and maximum security. It calls for high bandwidth, high-speed internet, and entertainment. Our market performance is precisely tailored to these needs, and it's where our philosophy truly proves itself:

moving. forward. together.

This is what drives us. We aim to be agile, to inspire movement: people, ideas, technologies, and markets. We strive to forge ahead: to propel, to be at the forefront, to lead, to foster, enable, and shape digital evolution.

And we want to do this together: In complex realms, nothing surpasses cooperation. In the interest of our customers, we aspire to excel where our core business lies and collaborate with those who are equally excellent in their core pursuits.

The fluid vibrancy of our visual identity lends a friendly visage to this philosophy, and because individuals perceive and interpret colors in their unique ways, diversity, adaptability, and variety become the connecting elements and symbols of freedom. Whatever the digital future holds: together, we progress. All you need is Green.

In crafting our culture, magnificent color worlds have emerged in alignment with our Corporate Colors.  

The Significance of Our Colors

Petrol - Elegance in Blue and Green

Petrol is an elegant blend of blue and green, exuding depth and sophistication. This color symbolizes calmness, clarity, and stability. With a touch of mystery, petrol combines the soothing elements of blue with the renewing power of green. It represents balance as well as creative impulses. Petrol embodies the equilibrium between serenity and energy.

[Translate to Englisch:] Farbe Cyan

Cyan Embodies Clarity and Refreshment

Cyan is a color that radiates clarity and freshness. It evokes clear skies and refreshing water. Cyan symbolizes mental clarity, communication, and depth, representing our value of 'forward.' With its calming effect, it promotes peace and concentration. This color represents technology, innovation, and independence.

Coral Red Represents Joy and Creativity

The dynamism of Coral emphasizes our value of 'moving.' The shade of Coral-Red combines the energy of orange and the lightness of pink. This color symbolizes joy and optimism. It encourages creativity, promotes communication, and strikes a harmonious balance between passion and gentleness.

Radiant Gold Yellow - A Touch of Sunshine

The radiant golden yellow embodies joy, comfort, and optimism. It evokes warm sunshine and bright days. Golden yellow symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and renewal. The color represents freshness, curiosity, and a joyful approach to life. Golden yellow is found in our value of 'together.'