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Waste heat for more than 3,500 households

In Dielsdorf, Green is building three new high-performance data centers for data and IT systems for businesses and cloud providers. The campus is holistically designed for maximum energy efficiency and makes diligent use of resources.

The entire region benefits from the new heating network initiated by Green. The server waste heat supplies more than 3,500 households as well as industry and commerce with heating. And this significantly reduces carbon emissions.

What does the heating network achieve?

Fossil-fuelled heating systems account for 40% of the climate-damaging carbon emissions in the canton of Zurich. They are therefore to be gradually replaced by climate-neutral heating systems. District heating plays an important role as an ecological, convenient, and safe alternative. By distributing the waste heat from their servers, Green will soon make climate-neutral heating a reality in the Dielsdorf region.

The new heating network saves around 20,000 tons of CO2 per year – equivalent to 7.6 million liters of heating oil.

How does waste heat utilization work?

The heat generated during server operation is processed in a district heating center and distributed via the district heating network. This allows the waste heat to be used by private households and businesses in Dielsdorf and neighboring communities.

Since surrounding businesses need process heat, there is also demand in the summer. In addition, the waste heat on the Green Metro Campus is used to heat its office buildings.

The heating network works in a cycle and reduces energy consumption in the data center as a result. Cold air returns via the network and is used to cool the server rooms.

In this showcase project for sustainable data centers, Green is the primary heat supplier for the new heating network. The cooperation is extensive and requires the Green engineers and project developers to collaborate closely with the energy network operator Energie 360° and the municipality.

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Heating with waste heat makes ecological sense

Using district heating is ecologically sensible and convenient. Since data centers are designed to operate around the clock, waste heat is always available. Users benefit from a sustainable and secure supply.

District heating is good for the climate and the environment:

  • Replacing fossil heating systems massively reduces CO2 emissions and heating oil consumption.
  • Instead of letting valuable heat go to waste, the heat is being put to use.
  • Renewable energy powers the heating system.
  • Returning cold air to the data center reduces the energy consumption of the cooling systems. The heating network thus pays off twice.

The heating network is currently in the project planning phase. The connections to the first data center on the Metro Campus Zurich have been established, and the data center will go into operation in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Are you interested in the new heating network? 
Here you can find more information from the grid operator Energie 360°.

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