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Cybersecurity is not a luxury

Viruses, malware and digital extortion: one in three Swiss SMEs has already fallen victim to a cyberattack. The cybersecurity jungle is dense, but not unmanageable. A holistic cybersecurity solution always keeps an eye on the various threats on the net. This requires experts who understand the current threat level. Intelligent algorithms respond immediately to potential threats and stave off attacks.

The 360° cybersecurity solution with backup

Graphic: 360° cyber protection with backup protects the data, systems and APplications from malware, malicious web content, viruses and ransomware.
The data, systems and application in the center are circled, representing 360° 360° cyber protection with backup. This protects against malware, ransomware, viruses and malicious web content that are depicted outside this protective circle.

The holistic approach from Green protects your data against cyberattacks and ensures that an up-to-date backup copy is always available. But what’s special about it? The solution is as simple as it is comprehensive. One tool takes care of all of your data security tasks. Data, applications and systems are all protected.

Any questions about backup and cybersecurity? Our team is happy to advise.

Tobias Koch
Channel & Partner Manager
+41 56 460 23 78

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Our solutions for your data security

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Protecting your network against attacks

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Maximum data protection with Swiss data site

Is your in-house server past its sell-by date? Swiss Cube provides you with a modern solution with servers in Swiss data centers.

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Smart IT security takes account of the human factor
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