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Concentrate on your core business and move your servers to our Colocation Zone

Xenia Heiden in conversation with Kevin Offranc

Xenia: Why should a company move its servers to a colocation zone?

Kevin: The IT infrastructure has become the centerpiece of every company. Complex programs with highly sensitive data need a secure and highly redundant infrastructure. The colocation model places a sensitive heart into the strong body of a superhero.

Xenia: In other words, our customers make use of our infrastructure but with their own IT systems?

Kevin: Exactly! The word “colocation” is composed of “co” and “locus”. In Latin this essentially means “together at one place”. Each customer brings their own hardware to us and commissions it on our premises. As colocation provider we offer a redundant power supply, optimum cooling, network connections and 24/7 security. We also speak here of server housing. We give the server a secure home. This is also the key difference from server hosting. With server hosting the customer draws on the provider’s hardware and all work concerning the server is carried out by this provider.

Xenia: And who looks after the server with us?

Kevin: With the colocation solution, each customer is essentially responsible for its own hardware. We offer professional hardware support if this should be required. The on-site team is available around the clock and checks switches, control lamps and cable connections. As well as our Remote Hands Service, we also offer assistance with the relocation of IT infrastructure.

Xenia: What does such relocation assistance include?

Kevin: The relocation of IT infrastructure is not part of the day-to-day business of our customers. We assist with planning and implementation and find the most efficient solution with our customers. We unpack the hardware on site and install it straight away if required. Our staff know how to dispose of packaging and do so professionally.

Xenia: That all just sounds like benefits to me. Where’s the catch?

Kevin: Many companies assume that relocating to a data center does not pay off financially. Evaluations generally fail on the cost factor. However, more precise budgeting shows that it is generally the cost calculation that speaks in favor of relocating to a data center. Major outlays entailing high costs are necessary for a company to operate its own IT infrastructure securely and reliably. The planning and establishment of a data center, with all security and performance features, belongs in the hands of specialists. The expenses for ongoing operation, all repairs and maintenance also need to be factored in. And don’t forget the high electricity costs entailed by a proprietary server room. By relocating its servers to a colocation zone, a company at the end of the day saves money, gains security and can concentrate on its core business with a clear conscience.

Xenia: To sum up we can think of relocation as like open heart surgery. We plant the sensitive data and information into a secure body.

Thank you for your time and your vivid explanation, Kevin.

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