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G.Fast - surfing at highspeed

Symmetrical Internet connection of up to 500 Mbit/s without the need for a fiber-optic line: G.Fast is the name of a new Internet access technology, which is based on the traditional copper network and can achieve bandwidths of up to 500 Mbit/s on each connection. This technology has been in use for around two years.

In contrast to using the more powerful fiber-optic network for full access, the network operator relies on a combined solution with G.Fast. The fiber-optic line is laid from the local exchange to the street, however copper lines are used over the last few meters to the house. In between, the network operator uses G.Fast-compatible hardware.

The advantage of G.Fast is that Internet access can be provided faster to as many households as possible. As the expansion of the fiber-optic network is primarily taking place in densely populated urban areas, G.Fast can be used to supply households outside of these areas with higher bandwidths more quickly.

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