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Green Datacenter Becomes Core Site of SwissIX

Four billion people today communicate via the Internet, regardless of their location. The technology has not only linked people but also all industries with each other. Space and time are now irrelevant. But what is it like with large volumes of data exchanged locally?

Does the distance not play a decisive role here after all? The answer is quite clearly “yes”. Detours cost time and money. Imagine instead that your data packets were to travel directly from Zurich to Berne or Basel – without any detours via international transit providers that slow down the flow of data. The solution for this is called peering, which takes place between different Internet exchange points (IXP) linked to each other via broadband.

An Internet exchange point is a physical network access point via which network providers can link up directly. This accelerates data traffic as there is no need to use networks of third-party providers.

How do companies gain access to the network?

SwissIX provides the largest IXP network in Switzerland. The non-profit organization operates a neutral infrastructure at seven peering points and coordinates the peerings. The data volumes exchanged by the companies are covered by inexpensive flat charges. SwissIX is therefore attractive above all as a cloud provider, carrier, content provider and company with a high volume of local data.

SwissIX now at the Zurich West Green Datacenter

Our data center in Lupfig is a new addition to the network. The expandable high-availability Internet exchange point is integrated as a core site and supports peerings with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s. Companies are offered attractive introductory special conditions.

Are you interested in processing your data traffic directly and locally with minimum latency?

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