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Green shows solidarity for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine moves the world. The images that reach us shake us every day. The senseless battles and the destruction are one thing, the streams of refugees and the humanitarian crisis are another. At Green, we take responsibility in accordance with our values and act in a helpful and proactive manner.

Until recently, no one would have thought it possible that war could break out again in Europe in this day and age. We all know about the sad history of Europe and the suffering that wars bring with them. And yet it has happened. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially women, children and the elderly, are fleeing Ukraine - their homeland. They leave their homes, friends and family with only the bare necessities for an uncertain future.

Our commitment to Ukraine

What is currently happening in Ukraine also leaves Green and its employees concerned and speechless. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians. With a company donation of CHF 100,000, we are supporting the valuable work of Swiss Solidarity and its partner organizations.

"I am personally very concerned about the suffering of the people from Ukraine. As Green, we help in a fast and straightforward way."

Roger Süess, CEO of Green

Swiss Solidarity fundraising campaign

In partnership with SRG, Swiss Solidarity is launching a national solidarity day for the Ukrainian people on 9 March. In a first phase, the donations will be used to welcome refugees in neighboring countries. They have taken only the bare necessities with them on their flight. Many are now housed in emergency shelters, public buildings or train stations. Food, shelter, hygiene articles and medical care - these are what people need most urgently at the moment. Swiss Solidarity is in constant contact with Swiss partner organizations on the ground, which are organizing this needs-based, targeted humanitarian aid on their behalf.

We are pleased to be able to support Swiss Solidarity. Join us and show your solidarity for the Ukrainian people. Our Green employees also make private donations. Every franc counts.