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How to use landing pages on your website for your goals

A landing page is a reduced page on your website that you design for a specific purpose. It allows you to pick up your target group exactly where they are. Use landing pages for advertisements, sales or download pages, for example. You can find out how to design your landing pages in this article.

Your visitors "land" on a landing page. This page is a reduced version of your website and is optimized for a specific purpose. The goal? To offer the interested person exactly what they are looking for at that moment or what they expect. In other words, the landing page matches exactly the starting point from which the interested party arrived at your site – in terms of content, design and tone.

Landing pages are not linked in the navigation menu. They are accessed by direct URL entry, linked call-to-actions or via search engines. The aim of this "landing page" is to lead visitors to a conclusion. These can be the following actions:

  • Enter name and e-mail address (generate a lead / potential customer)
  • Buy a product or order a service
  • send a registration for an event (this is otherwise the same as point 1 via a form and in each case without endings ;);
  • donate money
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In which cases is a landing page recommended?

Landing pages provide exactly the right information - and the right amount of it. It makes sense to work with a landing page in the following cases:

  • Advertisements
    Are you placing advertisements? Take your target group with a button click to a page that is tailored to the ad. Deliver exactly what you promise in the ad. You can also use landing pages for physical ads. Communicate an easy-to-understand link and show the information on the landing page that you are teasing in your ad.
  • Competitions
    A competition is a classic way of collecting leads. You enter your competition form on a landing page. Here you collect the desired information via a form - and offer an attractive chance of winning in return.
  • Search engine optimized entries
    You can also use a landing page to address very specific search queries. In this case, interested parties will find your website via a search engine. There you provide specific information without any distractions.
  • Download page
    Use a landing page if you offer a brochure or white paper for download. Guide your visitors to the landing page with a call to action. Use this to describe the benefits of the brochure. After all, you want to receive their name and email address in return for the download. You can request these using a form.
  • Guest post
    Do you publish guest articles on a specific topic? Link to a landing page at the end of your articles that picks up on the topic in question and provides additional details. This page can be more specific than a "normal" subpage of your website would be. You can also present an offer here - one that is tailored precisely to the readers of the article.
  • Donation campaign
    NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and associations use landing pages to run fundraising campaigns. A corresponding page offers less "distraction potential" than the entire, extensive website. Instead of clicking away to other pages, visitors are more likely to stay on the page and make a donation.

How do you build a landing page?

Landing pages have a minimalist design that is intended to lead visitors to the final action. Keep the following in mind when designing your landing page:

Reduced header

Simplify navigation, for example by only linking to the home page. You want visitors to stay on the landing page and complete the action - instead of clicking away and discovering the rest of your website.

Headline, image and sales arguments

Convince them! Greet them with an appealing title and a attractive image. Depending on the purpose of your landing page, list what your offer - for example your product, your service, your competition or the download you offer - is all about.


Time to close the deal. The aim of the landing page is to lead to an action. Place the relevant form or link in an inviting way: clearly visible at the top of the landing page and in a color that encourages action so that your prospective customers don't have to scroll down.

Now you are ready to use landing pages to get the deals you want. Use the tips above and look forward to new addresses, numerous sales, pleasing download figures and additional donations.

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