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Many great things have small beginnings

Companies replace their IT devices at regular intervals to ensure their smooth operation. But what happens to the old devices? In most cases, these are far from “end-of-life”. Green has partnered with wLw to give old devices a second life, bringing people joy in the process.

As a company, we also regularly replace our employees’ laptops to ensure that operations run smoothly. Sustainability is a top priority for us, and we are constantly thinking about how we can improve it further: for example, how we can extend device life cycles while achieving an even better carbon footprint.

The importance of using functional IT devices for as long as possible instead of immediately taking them apart can be seen in greenhouse gas emissions, for example. According to the Umweltbundesamt, most emissions during the life cycle of a computer occur during its production. Depending on the type and lifespan of the device, this proportion can be over 80%. When recycling and reusing old devices, it’s also important to ensure that transportation distances are kept to a minimum, as transport routes also generate greenhouse gases. To help us keep our carbon footprint low when replacing our devices, we looked for solutions within Switzerland.

Another argument in favor of keeping things in Switzerland is the current economic situation among the population. Did you know that in 2020, some 720,000 people in Switzerland were living below the poverty line? Almost 160,000 of these people were in employment. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, 1.3 million people were at risk of poverty and some 360,000 were faced with material deprivation.

Cooperation with wLw - Wir lernen weiter

This is where Aargau-based start-up wLw comes in. wLw refurbishes laptops and gives them to Swiss residents affected by income poverty. The company works with municipalities, cantons and organizations to help ensure the devices reach the people who need them.


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We’re delighted to be working with wLw!