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A few days off, a strong coffee and here we go with the planned project. When building a website, the domain plays an important role and must be defined as early as possible. But what should you pay attention to? With our tips you will find the right domain.

Besides the right web hosting, you also need a good domain name for your website, which will be remembered and with which your website will be found easily. But which is the perfect website address? Why does it make sense to reserve several domains? And why should your domain also be secure? Enjoy the day and get inspired.

How is a domain composed?

Before we start with the tips, we would like to briefly explain the composition of a domain. A domain is built up as follows:

7 tips for choosing your domain

  1. Reserve a name that is associated with your company or offer. If you are already known by your brand, be sure to use it. If you are just starting your business, search queries via Google or Bing, for example, play an important role in your customer acquisition. In this case, it is also worth considering including your keyword, product or service in the domain name.
  2. Brevity is the key, also for domain names. On the one hand, it can be remembered better, on the other hand, it is entered faster and thirdly, the risk of a spelling mistake is lower.
  3. Refrain from using numbers, umlauts and hyphens in your domain name. They make it harder to remember the domain name and it doesn't make word-of-mouth easier either. Likewise, umlauts in email addresses do not work. Therefore, it is recommended to use ue, oe, ae in your domain as well as in your e-mail address for the sake of recognizability. If you still want to use hyphens, please note that they are not allowed at the beginning and end of a domain name. In this case, you might want to register a second domain without hyphens.
  4. Avoid using foreign words if possible and avoid combining foreign words from two different languages. This way you reduce the risk of the domain being entered incorrectly.
  5. Think of the many mobile users. Today, according to Statista, over 50% of websites worldwide and a good 42% in Switzerland are accessed using a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets. Depending on the target group, this value is quite a bit higher. Avoiding umlauts and hyphens is also an important aspect here, as they can only be entered awkwardly. And the autocorrect mode, which many users use, should also be taken into account when choosing a domain name.
  6. The domain extension for a Swiss company with Swiss clientele should be .ch – either in the main domain or then in another domain that you register.
  7. Check your desired domain early. Is it still available? Is no trademark right infringed? You can find information about this in the trademark database of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. You can easily check the availability with our Domain Checker.

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Multiple domain names increase findability

With additional domains you increase the chances of success to be found on the Internet. They are usually available at a low price and can be easily redirected to your main domain after registration. But what speaks for the use of multiple domains?

  • Domains like .swiss, .org, .net or .info are used more and more. If you also use such a domain extension, another domain with the country code is recommended. For a Swiss company with an offer for Swiss customers, the country code .ch is intuitively tried in the first place. If the offer is aimed at an international clientele or if it is an internationally active company, .com has established itself. In the opposite case, such a more specific domain extension can be an exciting addition and, depending on the ending, clarify your offer.
  • If your main domain is your company name, it is worth considering reserving an additional domain for your largest product group, your top service, with your keyword, including your location/catchment area, etc.
  • If you have registered a domain which is often misspelled, it is advisable to use this option as well.

Secure your .ch domain with DNSSEC

Don't give hackers an opportunity to put a phishing website between your website and your customers. Because this could mislead and intercept customers who actually want to visit your website. The DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) service prevents this.

How does it work? When you register a domain, you get an IP address in the background. Every time someone enters your URL, the DNS server (Domain Name System) converts it into its IP address and calls the corresponding server. DNSSEC ensures that this DNS data neither comes from another system, i.e. is genuine, nor has it been manipulated. DNSSEC prevents a connection by means of forged DNS data to a server of the hackers and thus to an abusive website.

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