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We are shaping the digital future

Within 25 years the Swiss internet provider Green became an established data hub: Green CEO Roger Süess explains how the company became a driving force in digital Switzerland.

Green is celebrating its 25th anniversary. How does that feel?
I am very proud of what we have achieved. It's a joy to manage a company that has been reinventing itself again and again over the past 25 years. It’s also an appropriate moment to thank our loyal customers and the many employees, who make all this possible.

What’s the value of 25 years of experience in an industry that is constantly changing?
This is invaluable. We were there from the very beginning when Switzerland took its first digital steps. Since then, Green has been on the move constantly. The company kept growing and we continuously created new solutions for our customers. We are shaping the digital future, by going the extra mile.

Green has comprehensive growth plans. Which direction are you taking?
We’re creating capacities for our business customers, who are increasingly outsourcing their IT. Currently, we’re planning a further campus with high-performance data centers. These are aimed at so-called hyperscalers, who work with large volumes of data. It is our intention to create sustainable and economical long-term solutions.

How does Green remain agile?
It’s rooted deep within our work culture. I rely on an open, collaborative management style. Our innovation is driven by efficient decision making, experienced employees, and a creative culture. For our employees, Green should be a place where they can grow personally, advance the company, and identify with the company.

How do the customers benefit from that culture?
It brings us closer to our customers. We can focus on a company’s individual needs and offer tailor-made solutions. For private customers, we create suitable offers that are cost-effective and we guarantee multilingual call-center support, which we will also continue to provide in Swiss German.

Corona has accelerated the digitalization of our working lives. How does Green support new forms of work?
We specifically address the needs of our customers. For example, in response to the sudden switch to remote working this spring, we’ve increased our bandwidth and maintained it ever since. We are also constantly updating our products and provide products such as corporate Internet connectivity and work solutions with Microsoft365. We also offer various video solutions that make online meetings easier and more secure.

What will be the biggest challenges in the coming years?
There are many challenges. We need the right talent, competitive products, and good partners, especially in view of the planned growth and the required speed. Through creative cooperation, we increasingly strengthen our creative power so that we can deliver the right additional value for our customers.

How would you describe the future of Green in three sentences?
We are facing versatile demands. This requires us to pay even more attention to customer needs and solution-oriented cooperation within our teams and with our partners. In the future we will achieve a lot by working together.

What will be your role as CEO in that process?
I consider myself to be the company's coach, who helps the employees to advance professionally and guarantees a high-quality service to our customers. Their trust is justified, and I want them to enjoy the great innovations of our exciting times.