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Inquiry Partner

Inquiry Partner

Increasing success together

Want to impress your customers with reliable, secure, and attractive products and solutions? Both our offerings for private customers and our tailored solutions for business customers are always best in class. Experience our range for yourself and allow your customers to reap the benefits.

Increase your success and become an agent or reseller of Green products and solutions.

Let's grow together and achieve something great.

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Our broad range of products

Select the products and solutions that match your chosen sales model and your goals. We'll be happy to advise.



Hosting & Domain


Cloud & Data center

Agent or reseller?

Agent: sells Green products in addition to its portfolio

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Would you like to offer professional IT products? Are you looking for a lasting partnership? Whether you’re starting small or want to go all in, this partnership will make it happen.

  • One-off and recurring commissions for selling Green products
  • Direct customer care
  • No obligations toward the customer with regard to products sold
  • Green handles the services, from ordering to invoicing and customer support
  • Green carries the debtor risk, so there’s no risk of non-payment

Reseller: sells Green products under its own brand

Woman and man sitting at a table in front of laptops in conversation, with the woman visible from the front.

Would you like to become an internet service provider with professional IT products? In this White Label Partnership, we complement each other.

  • Special conditions for purchasing Green products
  • Close contact with customers
  • Own invoicing and support infrastructure
  • Responsible for customer matters (commissioning, first-level support, billing, administration)
  • Green is responsible for operating the products
  • Reseller carries the debtor risk

Don’t know which model might best suit your requirements?

Then get in touch. We would be happy to give you some more details.

Become a Green partner and reap the benefits

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An established, innovative company

With us, you’ll benefit from over 25 years of IT experience, excellent products and secure, energy-efficient data centers, along with extensive certifications. Join forces with Switzerland’s leading data center provider.

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Wide range of products

From internet subscriptions for private customers, alongside web hosting and security offerings, through to professional, custom data center solutions, we offer you an attractive range to suit your individual requirements and capacities. And best of all: you get it all from a single source!

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Active care & support

Our partners are very important to us. That’s why we value personal and individual collaborations so much and nurture these relationships. We’ll assign you with a contact person who’ll advise you on training opportunities and provide support with sales promotion measures.

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Attractive conditions

Regardless of whether you collaborate with us as a partner or reseller: we’ll offer you impressive conditions.

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Swiss data center locations

Our four Swiss data center locations enable you to meet the compliance requirements of your customers. We are subject to Swiss law.

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Partner Portal

Our informative and user-friendly Partner Portal gives you all the information and tools you need for your business.

Become a Green partner now and let us grow together.

Get in touch with us. We will be happy to show you our common path.