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Customised combination of internet, TV and telephone now available

Thanks to the new fees model from Green, customers throughout Switzerland have been given the choice – the combination of internet, digital TV and telephony can now be customised.

The internet provider is launching a new fees model. In future, the company’s customers will be able to choose which services they want to add to their internet connection and what bandwidth they want to purchase. This applies to both the fibre optic and copper cable networks and thus covers the whole of Switzerland. Fixed conditions will remain in place for four predefined packages only.

“Today, many customers pay for pre-configured packages comprising all three services, even though they do not use them all. They thus continually have to pay more than they need to,” explained Frank Boller, CEO of AG. The new, freely selectable combination options are designed to change this.

From now on, will offer its customers the chance to combine their selected internet subscription with a free choice of other services: digital TV with more than 230 channels, digital telephony (voice over IP), fixed IP addresses or special support for business customers. The options also mean that customers can use their own modem instead of the AVM Fritzbox modem supplied by if they so wish – as long as the device is certified by For those customers who are connected to the network via fibre optic cables, will provide symmetrical bandwidth, i.e. the same upload and download speed, at no additional charge.

The four new packages cost between CHF 25 per month for internet and telephony, and CHF 69 per month for a triple play package.