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IDC white paper: how leaders are accelerating digital transformation.

In this white paper from market research firm IDC, you’ll learn:

  • Which priorities Digital Leaders set
  • Which cloud models they combine
  • How they reduce dependencies
  • How they connect ecosystems and data center platforms in smart ways
  • And how this helps them increase security and resilience


“By 2024, digital transformation will be responsible for over 50% of all IT spending.”

(IDC, 2021)

Why are these critical topics for managers and executives?

There’s a rapid shift to digital interactions across the workforce, supply chain, partners, and customers. To thrive – and not just survive – in this environment, companies have to establish a digital-first mindset and redesign their IT infrastructure based on platforms.

The first step in this process is to migrate from in-house data centers to highly connected data centers run by commercial operators. With the right infrastructure, these function as data hubs and deliver a new level of agility for your IT landscape. 

Digital transformation should be a key component of any business strategy.

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Focusing on what you are excellent at, and handing off to experts where you are not, can readily improve business agility and innovation. 

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