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Be Green – Act Blue

Digitalization has seen demand for IT infrastructures and energy skyrocket in recent years. It is estimated that IT infrastructures are responsible for around two percent of global energy consumption today – and the trend is growing.

As a data center operator, we are aware of our responsibility to act in harmony with both people and the environment. Sustainability is therefore a principle that is firmly anchored in our values. For us, green IT is a sustainable vision under the motto "act blue": with innovative technology, we focus on efficient solutions and sustainability.

By using smart technologies, we enable growth while ensuring environmental friendliness. Our experience helps us to identify optimization potential and implement efficiency improvements. We have been committed to perfecting efficiency since we started building and operating data centers.

Find out in the Green ESG Report 2022 how sustainability is anchored in our company and which strategic initiatives Green is pursuing.


Green Sustainability

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100% renewable power

We meet 100 percent of our data centers' energy requirements using renewable energies. We also offer our customers this power mix for IT loads at attractive conditions.

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Unique expertise

A data center can only function efficiently if everything is perfectly coordinated. Since the beginning, we have been perfecting building design, power distribution systems and cooling solutions, as well as customer installations. We have acquired unique knowledge that we keep expanding.


Recognized & certified

Our first building project, the Zurich-West Data Center, has already received several awards for its exemplary energy efficiency. Our energy efficiency programs are managed under ISO 50001 and are certified according to international standards.

Achieving maximum energy efficiency with integral concepts

The Green datacenters are designed and conceived for maximum energy efficiency, incorporating the latest findings and technical developments. The building design, the selection of materials, equipment and technologies, and even the building envelope are precisely coordinated. The focus is on an integral concept that makes careful use of resources and takes into account the location and its possibilities. For example, we use the ambient air by means of freecooling for about 300 days per year, thereby significantly reducing the need for cooling. With photovoltaic systems, we help to generate energy. And in our new major project in Zurich, we use part of the waste heat for the new office buildings directly on site. In addition, a heating network is planned in the community to make the waste heat available for heating purposes for the population. In this way, we contributing to sustainable digitalization.