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Is your IT vision for 2025 in place?

IDC surveyed Swiss companies on the digital projects and topics most important to them up to 2025 and beyond. It found that companies are facing particularly severe challenges in areas such as security, skilled worker shortage, and cost pressure. At the same time, IT departments are trying to find the right balance between basic operations and innovation.

What initiatives should companies be focusing on in particular in order to achieve the digital vision for 2025 and beyond?

The IDC executive brief highlights the areas of greatest potential for taking digitalization to the next level, while at the same time strengthening resilience and optimizing costs.

Preview: Swiss IT 2023

Gain the following insights with the executive brief:

  • The key digital topics for Swiss companies in 2025 and beyond
  • Recommendations on how to drive digital transformation
  • Best practices on how to increase cost efficiency, security, and agility, and master the balancing act between basic operations and innovation.

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