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Safety First applies

Occupational safety and health protection are a priority for us. A firmly established safety culture and clear rules prevent accidents and save lives. That is why we prevent.

Up to 120 specialists are working for the Metro-Campus Zurich at the same time. That's why we apply the credo: "Take care of yourself and your colleagues. Only start work after you have assessed the situation, evaluated the risk, and implemented the appropriate protective measures based on the risk assessment. Always wear the protective equipment completely and correctly."

Remo, Head of Security & Quality explains:

«We do not tolerate any compromises when it comes to occupational health and safety, and we demand the same from our suppliers.»

Together with our suppliers and partners, we are committed to a high level of occupational safety and health protection for our employees.

Safety at work consists of:

  • An embedded safety culture
  • Awareness raising and regular training on site
  • Risk assessment and implementation of protective measures
  • Clear safety rules
  • Checking whether the safety rules are being observed
  • Acting instead of reacting

Safety is not only a management task, but also the responsibility of each individual so that we work together safely. Our motto is: Safety first!

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