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Backup internet - better safe than sorry

Internet connections are faster and more reliable than ever. However, when customers choose a subscription, they often forget one important factor – availability.

We are constantly online throughout the entire day. An improved fiber optic network, more broadband connections and higher-performance IT have facilitated the emergence of streaming services, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) over the last few years. Fiber optics has increased the data transfer speed, thus reducing the large distances between devices and people – from a digital point of view at least. With numerous applications, the internet has made our lives simpler in countless ways.

Broadband throughout the country
“In Switzerland, internet coverage is now very good,” explains John Winter, Product Manager at Green. A lot has been achieved in this context in the last twenty years. Broadband is available throughout the country and there has been a growth in fiber optic connections. The speed has also increased significantly.

All this helped to ensure that the sudden switch to working from home during the pandemic was relatively problem-free. Business documents were accessed using cloud services or via a VPN. But even the strongest connection can fail, John Winter points out.


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Accidents can happen, for example when landlines are inadvertently damaged during construction work. This is not just annoying, it can also be very bad for business. “Companies quickly forget to organize a backup to be used in the event of the connection failing,” explains the Product Manager.

A backup just in case
To put it very simply, the solution comes through the air. The high-performance capabilities of modern-day mobile internet mean it can easily act as a stand-in should an outage occur. It provides its users with very high speed, coupled with increasingly short latencies. Even in the event of unexpected outages, a mobile backup enables data synchronization and allows users to work with important apps.

Online services and applications will become even more data-intensive and high-performance in the foreseeable future. With innovative technologies, such as AI, virtual reality and IoT devices with enhanced networks, the combination of fiber optics and mobile internet will become increasingly important in the years to come. Only secure connections will be suitable for this new, high-performance IT generation. It is advisable to ensure perfect connectivity now.

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