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Blackout in the data center: Power outage simulation successfully mastered

In our Green data centers, we conduct tests and simulations of various risk scenarios at regular intervals in order to offer our customers maximum security at all times. But how exactly does a blackout simulation work?

Data centers - as the heart of digital networking - ensure the continuity of production, trade and system-relevant service providers such as healthcare and finance. A shortage in access to electricity at data centers would have fatal consequences for the entire economy, society and national security, as would a system failure. Ensuring the independent and secure operation of our data centers is therefore a top priority for Green.

Blackout simulations for constant data center security

Blackout tests simulate an interruption of the power supply in the entire data center. As in an emergency, the emergency generators are activated fully automatically. Green's blackout tests are meticulously planned and prepared. 

The aim of the simulation is to test the functionality of our technical systems as well as to practice process sequences for emergencies and to uncover safety risks. Risk considerations and resulting scenarios are played out, monitored and recorded step by step using processes and protocols. Blackout tests are an important means of optimizing processes, identifying weak points preventively and preparing the team for emergencies.

«Thanks to our experienced, competent and motivated team, the tests were successfully performed and mastered.»

Adrian Meyer, Head of Datacenter Operations

Impressions of the blackout tests 2022

Secure data center thanks to preventive maintenance

During the blackout test, our emergency power generators take over the autonomous power supply of the data center. Extensive safety precautions are taken to ensure that everything runs smoothly. On the one hand, Green's team of data center experts monitors the entire simulation across the board. In addition, specialists are on site to monitor the various systems and machines. In the event of an emergency, they can intervene directly.

Blackout tests are part of Green's preventive maintenance program. Together with our suppliers and partners, these have been carried out at regular intervals for years. Regularly testing equipment, controls and processes and identifying potential risks is part of Green's business continuity management. 

As a conclusion of this year's blackout tests, we can once again announce: the systems are working perfectly. We are prepared for the worst, regardless of the current power shortage situation.

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