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Green leads the way

With its new corporate identity, Green is demonstrating its commitment to a colorful digital future. The company aims to use its creativity and vision to move things forward. In the interview, CEO Roger Süess explains how he and his team shape the future.

Roger Süess, how do you envisage your own personal, colorful digital future?

I think that, above all, digital solutions will mean that distances will no longer be a hurdle. This will help me and the company to stay close to our regional and international customers. The innovations that the future will bring also interest me, and I enjoy playing around with various apps and gadgets. But at the end of the day, the digital accomplishments should help us and provide added value. I imagine my own colorful future like this: lots of useful little aides will help me in numerous ways in my everyday life, without me having to concern myself with the technology behind them. 

How did the idea of giving Green a completely new look come about?
Our company has evolved. We have acquired new areas of expertise and offer a wide variety of solutions. We develop them for private customers as well as for multinational giants that base their operations on our IT infrastructure. This diversity – the people behind it, our values and our ambitions – is what we want to demonstrate with our new corporate design. 

What has changed behind the scenes?
We have strengthened our teams, invested in the know-how of our staff as well as in the infrastructure and in our processes, so that we can achieve sustained growth. After all, we don’t want to grow alone but together with our partners, the many IT companies that work with us to provide services. To achieve this, we have created an ecosystem that pools all the business solution expertise and showcases it. For private customers, we have simplified the range and developed clever solutions that reduce the cost of surfing, telephone calls and watching TV. Naturally, Green still provides its own support services, with the accustomed Swiss quality. They focus on those values that guide us in our everyday work.

And what are these values?
We have defined our three principle corporate values that govern our motivation and our actions. You could say they are the quintessence of what we are. “Be Green” means the pioneering spirit and the passion for innovation that has been a part of Green from the very outset. We have always identified trends early on and therefore played a part in shaping them. With “Act Blue”, we underline our obligations to society and the environment. We use technologies cleverly to develop sustainable and visionary solutions. Our third value, “Feel Home”, describes the trust and the genuine appreciation that we put into practice. It aims to ensure there is space to evolve so that we can achieve our vision of growing together to achieve the best possible results.

What can customers now expect?
More consultation, more services, more expertise and a team that goes the extra mile. As far as quality is concerned, we make no compromises and work intensively at all levels to achieve it. This also involves listening carefully to enable us to understand customer needs and develop sustainable solutions. We’re never satisfied with the first solution we find; we continue until we find the very best one.

Is Green still “green”?
At its heart, yes. We’re still that energetic company that thinks outside the box, works tirelessly on behalf of its customers and focuses on ecology. However, we now want to show how colorful and diverse the digital future will be. Our customers are already experiencing this and we support them along the way. As a flexible partner who is willing to break new ground.