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How to move your internet and WLAN smoothly

Moving to a new home is an exciting time of life, full of new beginnings and new opportunities. As you settle into your new home, one of the most important tasks on your moving checklist is setting up your internet connection. In today's connected world, a stable and fast internet connection is essential for work, entertainment, communication, and staying up to date. With our tips, we'll show you the most important points so that you're not left without internet after moving into your new home.

What internet speed is available at my address?

Before you can enjoy a seamless online experience, it's important to find out what internet speeds are available at your new address. Internet speeds can vary depending on your location and infrastructure. To find out what speeds are available at your new address, check online, e.g. with our availability check.

How and when do I need to notify my internet provider of my move?

After you have found out about the internet options at your new address, the next thing you need to do is make sure that your internet services are switched over smoothly.

Do you have higher internet speeds at your new residence than at your old address? Then don't hesitate and switch to a subscription with a higher speed.

Contact your current internet provider in good time before you move. This will ensure that your internet connection continues without interruption.

When you inform your provider about your move, you should provide accurate information: Your new address and the date of the move, as well as the name of the previous tenant in the case of a DSL connection and the OTO ID (number on the fiber optic box) in the case of a fiber optic connection. This helps the provider to plan the move efficiently and on time.

What internet speed do I need?

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How can I review my internet subscription and save money?

Moving is a great time to review your current internet subscription and make sure it fits your needs and budget.

Take a close look at your current internet contract. Do you have the speed you need? Are you paying for features you don't even use, are you getting free support? Answering these questions will help you assess whether your current internet subscription is right for you.

Did you know that with an internet subscription from Green you surf on the Swisscom network - the best network in Switzerland? And also benefit from a customer service with 94% customer satisfaction? A comparison is worthwhile.

How do I set up internet and WLAN in my new apartment?

Find a suitable place for your router. A central location that provides optimal WLAN coverage throughout the apartment is ideal.

Follow your provider's instructions to connect the router. This usually includes connecting the cables and turning on the devices.

In case you have received a new router: access the router's settings through a web browser and configure your WLAN network. Choose a strong and unique password to secure your network and prevent unauthorized access.

An electrician may need to make adjustments to your home installation before you can get your internet up and running. Your provider will notify you of this and you will have the opportunity to coordinate the installation with the electrician in a timely manner.

Once everything is installed, test your internet connection and WLAN coverage in different areas of your new home. If something doesn't work, refer to the instructions or contact your provider's customer service department for help.

Tips for stable and fast internet at home

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Which moving box is my router in?

Pack your router and your WLAN devices in a separate and labeled box. That way, you'll be able to find them quickly after the move and can start surfing right away.

Moving your internet connection and WLAN thus involves a few important steps: determining available speeds, informing your internet provider about your move, checking and, if necessary, changing your subscription, and setting up your internet and WLAN devices. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition to a fast and reliable internet connection in your new home. Welcome to your new home!

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