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IT resellers gain margin and room to maneuver thanks to the new Swiss cloud from Green and Xelon

Are you still responsible for everything yourself, from server installation, cooling and network connection to hardware configuration? For many IT service providers and their customers, this "we still do everything ourselves" model has no advantages. Quite the opposite: this depth of service ties up valuable resources and carries the risk of getting bogged down.

There is another way: with their innovation partnership, Swiss cloud provider Xelon and leading data center provider Green are offering a new, virtual data center solution for IT service providers. In this interview, Michael Dudli, CEO of Xelon, and Marco Stadler, Chief Sales Officer of Green, explain how the Swiss cloud solution offers IT service providers added value.

Michael Dudli (Xelon) and Marco Stadler (Green) in conversation

How can IT service providers position themselves for the future?

Marco Stadler: Successful IT service providers are gradually saying goodbye to their in-house IT infrastructure. Data centers, hardware and the virtualization stack are no longer among their most important core tasks. As a result, IT service providers need to consider what can be outsourced to the public cloud and where more security, control and a different billing model makes more sense. There is no one cloud that fits everything, but rather the optimal mix of different offerings. The future is hybrid. It is worth building specific services on this modern basic infrastructure! This is because value is created at the application and integration level, which is where IT resellers differentiate themselves.

How do local IaaS offerings help?

Michael Dudli: Local IaaS offerings help IT service providers to master the first steps of outsourcing. They also offer plenty of scope - for disaster recovery, for example, or for private direct connections. For a long time, there was nothing suitable alongside AWS and Azure, but today there are excellent local cloud solutions. It's worth taking a closer look and choosing the best-of-breed solution.

Bild: Marco Stadler, Green

Where is the solution already being used?

Marco Stadler: The virtual data center is an established solution and is used by IT resellers as a classic basic infrastructure for companies, mostly in the SME environment, and the public sector. End customers include municipalities, schools, the manufacturing industry and service providers. At the same time, software providers also use the virtual data center for SaaS offerings. The virtual data center can also be an attractive option for cushioning peak loads, as is the case for companies with seasonally fluctuating demand.

Do you have any questions?

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How do you specifically support IT service providers?

Michael Dudli: From our many years of channel experience, we know the requirements of IT service providers inside out. We understand their business model and the challenges they face. That's why we take care to set up elements such as multi-client capability and billing in such a way that reselling works and is simple. We also work in partnership with our customers and attach great importance to reducing the complexity of IT infrastructure management. We do this when on-boarding new partners by accompanying them personally and supporting them with the migration to our cloud. Step by step.

How important is Swissness?

Marco Stadler: This is a key point. However, this not only includes our Swiss data locations, but also transparency, reliability and, of course, proximity to our customers. We are personally on site with our teams and work with our customers to develop the right solution to meet their needs. The focus is on the IT service provider.

Your Swiss cloud

The Virtual Datacenter, a cooperation between Green and Xelon, provides IT resellers with a flexibly scalable and multi-tenant cloud solution. The solution offers multi-cloud replication across two Swiss data locations and provides a range of tools for administration and automation, perfectly tailored to the needs of IT resellers.

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