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Latest PHP Version for greater security and performance on your website

Latest PHP Version for greater security and performance on your website

By updating your PHP version, you can ensure optimal protection and faster loading times for your website. In your Green Web Hosting account you can easily update to PHP 8.2.

Close any security gaps by updating to the latest version

You are putting your data at risk of security threats if you are still using PHP Version 7.4 or lower. These versions are now in the “end of life” phase and are no longer supported. Support for PHP Version 8.0 was also discontinued in November 2022 and security updates will only be available until November 2022. An overview of supported versions can be found here.

Increased performance for faster loading times

We advise against using “end of life” versions and recommend switching to the latest version where possible. Because regardless of whether your version is still supported, a PHP update will increase the performance of your website – even with increased visitor traffic. If you are switching from PHP 8.1 to PHP 8.2, you will increase your website performance by around 2%, and you can even make gains of up to 6% if you are upgrading from Version 7.4.

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Now simply update in the control panel

In the Green Web hosting Control Panel, you can configure the PHP version separately for each domain and subdomain. We have prepared a quick guide to help you:

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What should you look out for when installing an update?

A smooth update depends on the CMS you are using as well as any related extensions. For example, Wordpress already works with PHP 8.2 and the Yoast plugin. However, some of the installable plug-ins available from third parties are not yet compatible and may cause errors. Check to ensure that everything is working on your website when switching PHP versions.

If a plug-in is causing some problems, as a Green Web hosting user you can switch back to the previous PHP version in the Control Panel without any problems. Have you installed plug-ins that still only work with «end of life» PHP versions? Then we recommend that you uninstall them right away and use a more modern plug-in instead.

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