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Pioneering Spirit - that's why Green

Your data is a precious asset - we ensure that you can rely on the sustainability and security of your data and digital services today and tomorrow. All you need is Green.

Digitization, data management and cloud computing are no longer just keywords. They are an integral part of our everyday lives and affect every individual. They are crucial to the success of the economy. For the baker as well as for the farmer, in the production company, for the service provider or for the start-up. Today, nothing works without digital data and tools.

For over 25 years, Green has been ensuring that companies can digitize securely and sustainably, and that Internet and cloud services are accessible to all. With a pioneering spirit, we made the Internet accessible to everyone in Switzerland in 1995 - at an extremely fair price. Back then, when Internet access was still barely affordable for many. A business idea based on a customer need turned into a success story. And the pioneering spirit has been firmly anchored in our DNA ever since, reinforced by our corporate culture.

We combine our pioneering spirit with strong customer orientation. We recognized the need for secure and modern data locations early on. Green was the first provider to plan and implement large, energy-efficient and high-performance data centers in Switzerland to provide space for the rapidly increasing data volume and to meet the high security requirements. The data center campus in Lupfig is considered a showcase project, winning environmental and industry awards and making Switzerland known beyond its borders as a secure data location. In 2019, Green commissioned Switzerland's first high-performance data center for public cloud providers (hyperscalers). Since then, Green has been growing year by year with additional campus locations. Meanwhile, Green is considered the market leader for data center services in Switzerland. Large companies, SMEs and leading international public cloud providers place their trust in Green.

What counts for us is to do the right things, not just to think about it. For people, the environment and society.

Roger Süess, CEO Green

Sustainably into the future 

In doing so, Green has always taken responsibility: for energy efficiency and sustainability. Not only growing sustainably, but doing the right thing is important to us. That's why we are constantly developing, optimizing energy efficiency during ongoing operations and implementing new concepts, such as the use of waste heat via a heating network. We meticulously coordinate architecture, cooling concept and systems. We advise customers and explain how server rooms can be operated more efficiently and exchange ideas with leading international experts and universities in order to achieve even greater efficiency. Our own teams, here on site in Lupfig, continue to develop our data centers with experience and expertise.  

Sustainable solutions from Green

Culture: Moving forward together

As a growing and agile company, a common understanding and a culture of partnership are central to success. That is why we have developed and anchored our values together. Moving. Forward. Together is our guiding principle, under which we exploit our creative power, develop new solutions in a customer- and demand-oriented manner, and move forward together in an environment of appreciation. Together means: Together in teams, with customers and suppliers, and within the framework of a comprehensive ecosystem with our numerous partners. It is important to us that we are always moving forward and go the extra mile to achieve the best possible solution for the environment, people and the long-term success of the company. That we find clever new ways to use technology and conserve resources (forward) with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Our collaboration is always based on trust and respect. Green provides the development space, diversity and freedom for employees to grow and develop together.

Freedom also means not being tied to a fixed work location. Thanks to home office options, part-time models and teleworking jobs, we attract our talents and live diversity and inclusion. In the teleworking model, for example, employees also work for us in remote regions in Switzerland. We highly appreciate the advantages of a good mix in our company as well as the independence. Sustainable growth, building up and integrating new team members is also possible for us on a decentralized basis thanks to digitalization.

Shaping the future together - that's how we act:

Attractive for the region and beyond

Green has become an important provider of digital services from Lupfig and now has over 180 employees and 13 apprentices in three trades. Attractive jobs, in the IT and technology environment, but also in many other professional fields, contribute to the fact that Lupfig is not only known as a data location, but has also become an exciting place to work and a growing economic area.

We have also expanded at other locations: A total of four data center locations are available to our customers in German-speaking Switzerland. Our sites benefit from state-of-the-art digital development and a leading and excellent IT infrastructure, which is of benefit to companies of all sizes and indirectly also to the local communities thanks to high-performance fiber optic connections, waste heat recovery and the expansion of power supply. Further expansion of data center capacity is already planned. With Green, Switzerland is becoming one of the most attractive and sustainable data locations in Europe.

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