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Avoid hacker attacks – protect your network

Horrendous invoice due to hacked Wi-Fi,” “Routers being hacked for phone fraud” – these are some of the headlines that can be found in the media about current fraud cases. In Germany, 12,000 cases were reported within a month; in Switzerland, the number of cases is still moderate, but the tendency is rising.

What exactly happens
Since landline telephony is IP-based for practically all companies and private individuals, the router is the hub of communications. The router connects the Internet to the telephone. Cybercriminals take advantage of that. They penetrate poorly protected routers via the Internet and manipulate them. Expensive foreign telephone numbers operated by criminals are called unnoticed in the background. The overpriced costs are charged to the monthly telephone bill.

Protection with a few clicks
Unfortunately, many devices, especially routers, are still poorly protected. The casual handling of password changes and settings plays into the hands of cybercriminals. We recommend three measures to prevent attacks.

  • Change factory settings:: Each router can be configured on an administration page via a browser. When the router is delivered, you are provided with your access data. Change the password when you put your router into operation. And store your access data securely.
  • Protect your Wi-Fi:Activate WPA or WPA2 encryption and secure it with a strong password.
  • Set a top stop limit for telephony costs:This is a maximum amount for your monthly telephone costs. It cannot be exceeded; calls above that amount will be aborted. At Green, predefined top stop limits are stored for all VoIP subscriptions. The limits are communicated to you in the installation instructions. You can increase or decrease them at any time on the mygreen Descriptions of top stop for greenTalk and greenTalk Plus offers can be found here.

These simple measures make life more difficult for cybercriminals. Not only when it comes to phone fraud, but also for many other forms of attack where cybercriminals gain access to your hardware.

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