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"Today's idea can be tomorrow's solution"

At the beginning of 2020, Heidrun Meier Jehle took up her position as Chief Human Resources Officer at Green. She wants to contribute to a culture of trust that supports employees individually and strengthens the company's innovative power.

You were most recently responsible for Human Resources at the tax office of the Canton of Aargau. What was the appeal of working for Green?
Heidrun Meier Jehle: I saw an opportunity to make a difference. As one of the oldest, local Internet providers, the company was a household name to me, and I could identify with it immediately. I recently completed my master thesis in Human Resource Management (HRM) and I draw on many years of experience in this field. I want to align Green's HRM as a strategic and competent partner in the company. An SME like Green offers the necessary flexibility to do so. In comparison, the structures of a cantonal administration are rather static.

What challenges were you facing in the past year?
Before I could create something new, historically grown structures needed to be reappraised, questioned, and optimized. HR processes had to be digitalized. The pandemic did of course accelerate a new workplace culture with more remote work. Regardless, our corporate culture is already undergoing changes. It is important to make our values accessible and understandable to everyone, to anchor them and act accordingly. It is essential, especially for company management, to exemplify these values.

And how have the demands on employees changed in recent years?
Today's working culture demands more flexibility and more specific expertise than in the past. This is associated with lifelong learning through on-the-job training and further education. Especially in the technology sector, employees are growing to meet the challenges of constant change. This offers personal development opportunities, but also requires the commitment of the employer.

In what way?
Over the last ten years, the demands on companies have changed too. The shortage of skilled workers has a decisive influence on employer branding and the recruitment process. Today, companies need to reach, attract and retain skilled employees with a convincing appearance and appropriate offers. This includes attractive terms of employment, a corporate culture based on trust, as well as individual support for employees and appropriate career opportunities.

What distinguishes Green as an employer?
Decision-making paths are short. You begin conversations more quickly and implement projects more easily. Today’s idea can be tomorrow’s solution. This boosts employee motivation and strengthens the company's innovative strength.

How do you intend to set the tone at Green in the coming years?
First of all, my team and I would like to effectively implement the new HR projects. For example, we’re digitizing our application management and the annual appraisal interview and we’re introducing a wage plan. In addition, I would like to push ahead our quality assurance processes. Green will offer specialist and management career paths as well as management courses. I would also like to address the issue of occupational health management, as the health of our employees influences the appeal of our company.

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