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Infrastructure as a Service

Moving to the cloud increases flexibility, secures value creation and, with a smart approach, serves as a real business driver. Whether a public, private or hybrid cloud – the choice is yours. Whether with VDC Pro in the virtual data center or with our Swiss Cubes, you use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) at it's best with Green:

  • No more aging IT infrastructure
  • CapEx and OpEx cost optimization
  • Greater flexibility and scalability
  • Sustainable IT infrastructure
  • More security guaranteed

Green's ecosystem offers you different implementation partners, hardware suppliers, security solutions and virtualizations. No matter what IT project is at hand, we have the right Swiss Cube with the corresponding expertise. 

In cooperation with Bechtle, Unimission, Phoenix Systems and Xelon as well as our hardware partners IBM, Dell, Huawei, Lenovo and HP, we offer the following Swiss Cube Infrastructure as a Service solutions:

Swiss Cube IBM Power
Swiss Cube VMware
Swiss Cube AI

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Leave the operation and administration to us. You no longer need to worry about updates, hardware purchases or skills shortages. Redundant systems and networks ensure availability. Your data is stored with the utmost security in one of our energy-efficient data centers in Switzerland and meets the corresponding compliance requirements.

How can IaaS drive your business forward and reduce your workload?
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With an IaaS solution from Green, you benefit in several ways

Low upfront costs & complete cost control

By renting instead of buying, upfront costs are greatly reduced and you can upgrade at any time. You benefit from precisely calculable monthly costs.

Managed Service – leave it to us

Make the most of our complete service: high-quality hardware, including power supply and cooling, Internet access, maintenance and support, along with monitoring by us are all included. Other services are also available as an option.

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Flexibility & scalability

IaaS is suitable for all applications and you can upgrade at any time, allowing you to easily adjust your performance requirements. Purchase cloud applications and licenses as needed. This speeds up the development of new solutions and shortens the time required for product launches. 

Secure data location

The IT infrastructure is configured and installed in a highly secure Green data center in Switzerland. You benefit from certified security standards, a redundant network and compliance under Swiss law.

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Outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Green’s data center is a sustainable choice. We are well aware of our responsibility, so we rely on our powerful and efficient data centers, conscious cooling and electricity from renewable sources to ensure energy efficiency.

Would you like a private or public cloud solution?

Every company’s IT environment is different and brings with it various challenges, such as aging infrastructure and data centers, blockchain, AI, security risks and cost optimization. Infrastructure as a Service requirements are just as individual.

Find the right IaaS offer for your smart journey to the cloud.

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Swiss Cube IBM Power

If you’re using IBM Power systems, then you’ll want to take a look at the Swiss Cube managed by Unimission.

Swiss Cube VMware

This Swiss Cube managed by Bechtle is based on Dell technology.


If you don’t need dedicated hardware, then Xelon’s managed IaaS solution is right for you.

Which IaaS solution is right for your needs and requirements?
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Infrastructure as a Service in the Ecosystem

Green’s Ecosystem offers you various implementation partners, hardware suppliers, security solutions and virtualizations. Whatever your IT project, we have the right IaaS offer with the relevant expertise. 

We know just how different each customer’s needs are, which is why we have built a diverse cloud ecosystem with carefully selected companies. Take full advantage of our network and professional collaborations.