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Virtual data center in the public cloud

Do you have a cloud strategy but don’t need a dedicated infrastructure? With the VDC Pro virtual data center, the infrastructure is created and hosted in the public cloud. The required resources are provided by Green as Infrastructure as a Service.  

What the public cloud has to offer

High level of flexibility and scalability

Easily and quickly adapt resources such as CPU, RAM, storage and network dynamically to suit your current needs. This scalability of cloud services offers you considerable flexibility. 

Pay as you go with huge cost savings

Only pay for the resources and services you actually use. There are no setup fees, investments in the purchase and maintenance of hardware, or fixed monthly costs, thus allowing you to optimize your costs.

Agile solutions ideal for small installations

A virtual data center is a cost-effective and agile solution for your IT infrastructure with high availability in the public cloud. It gives you the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business needs, allowing you to easily create and test your applications and scale them from a single server.  

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Why choose a virtual data center at Green?

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Server creation and management in one click

You can quickly and easily activate services, configure servers, create organizations and users, define access rights and access the console in the customer-friendly portal. You can also check the status and logs of your virtual machines and see the current consumption.

24/7 Verfügbarkeit

High level of availability and reliability

The cloud is available via two data centers, which enables geo-redundant solutions. Benefit from a high level of availability and automatic failsafe. 

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Swiss data protection law

Our Swiss locations enable you to meet compliance requirements and your data falls under the jurisdiction of Swiss law. 

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Hybrid solutions

Combine the benefits of the public cloud with those of a private cloud in your individual hybrid cloud solution. 

Detailed information on Green’s VDC Pro virtual data center and the user-friendly portal can be found in our leaflet. 

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Exciting options and features

Managed Security

Benefit from enhanced threat protection with our managed firewall and multi-factor authentication solutions.

Acronis Backup

Our backup solution protects your company against data loss. The storage can be expanded at any time, while the backup frequency and retention period can be set based on your requirements.

Cloud Connect

We keep you connected all over the world: whether through direct connections to public cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft, AWS and Alibaba, or to SwissIX and over 700 data centers worldwide.

Cloud Ecosystem

We advise and accompany you on your journey to the cloud. Together with our partners in the Cloud Ecosystem, we offer tailor-made solutions from experts.