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Journey to the Cloud

The cloud holds the promise of success and sustainability, but the journey to the cloud is a challenging one: only an individual, long-term strategy will lead to sustainable business success. The basis for more speed, adaptability and cost efficiency is a flexible IT environment. The ideal concept for this is an individual cloud solution.

Grafik: Cloud-Varianten mit einem partnerschaflichen System aus IT-Providern, Green-Datacentern und Kunden.

A well-guided journey
We guide companies on their journey to the cloud, step by step. In this process our experience is invaluable as new questions arise all the time: Which models should we combine? How can the highest level of security be ensured? Where do priorities need to be set? We help you find the right answers.

Achieving goals with a holistic approach
Together, we develop a comprehensive strategy. You benefit from our modern – dedicated as well as shared – infrastructure. Based on our wide range of private and public clouds, we can design and implement future-proof hybrid cloud solutions just for you. With everything directly from Green.

In addition, we offer solutions such as Google Anthos, AWS Outpost, Azure Arc or connect you directly to various international providers. Together with partners from our Cloud Ecosystem, we find the right mix for you.

Your benefits


Create competitive advantages

Aaccelerate your time to market. A suitable cloud solution also provides maximum agility and scaling with IT resources on demand.

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Reduce complexity and costs

With a cloud solution, you not only reduce investment costs, but you also benefit from flexible structures with full cost transparency without having to own hardware.

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Accelerate innovation

A cloud solution delivers innovation and security regardless of company size and encourages the adoption of new technologies.

Our Offer

Cloud Architecture

We develop your cloud architecture and plan the implementation for a hybrid multi-cloud platform.

Private Cloud

The Swiss private cloud solution allows the migration of sensitive applications and data to the private cloud, operated by us in the Green data centers.

Data Center as a Service

Your systems and data are kept safe in our certified data centers at three locations in Switzerland.

Software as a Service

Because it's easier together: We offer ready-to-run applications from the cloud for the virtual workplace as well as for containerizing existing applications.

Cloud Connect

We provide access to cloud services from Google, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, JD and more.


Always connected: We take care of setting up the networking between all your locations (data center, cloud, headquarters and branches).

Cloud Ecosystem

Our network of trustworthy partners includes various specialists and large public cloud providers. It ensures professional, holistic cloud solutions.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Unleash the full digital potential with the right combination of private and public cloud.

Options from our portfolio for hybrid and private cloud solutions

Google Anthos

This open-source platform orchestrates containers in a private cloud as well as on Google Cloud, Azure and AWS.

Store sensitive data locally with Green and shift other containers to the public cloud.

Retain control over all connected resources with one single platform

We help you migrate from a traditional IT setup to a containerized world.

AWS Outpost

Your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) IT environment, thanks to the AWS Outpost appliance in the certified Green data centers.

Same operations, APIs and services as in the cloud and all in one interface.

Easily move workloads between AWS Outpost and AWS region or use together.

Azure Arc

Central management of your Microsoft Azure account (all servers and Kubernetes clusters in edge data centers, hyperscaler clouds or local data centers).

Windows, Kubernetes, Linux and Azure data services.

Centralized policies and settings for more security across your entire environment.

Swiss Cube

Infrastructure as a Service. Hosted in our certified Swiss data centers and equipped with dedicated hardware.

Suitable basis for all IT projects. Virtualization for use as private cloud possible.

The Swiss Cube is a service with calculable monthly cost. No additional investments necessary.