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Private Cloud Solutions

Do you have a cloud strategy and handle sensitive data? If you want full control over your IT infrastructure and value scalability and flexibility, the private cloud is the right environment for you. 

What are the benefits of a private cloud?

Dedicated IT infrastructure

Unlike in a public cloud, where the cloud infrastructure is shared by several users, in a private cloud it is used exclusively by you, with your data and applications housed in a closed network.

High level of security and data protection

Because your data is stored and managed within your own corporate network, a private cloud offers greater security and data protection than a public cloud.

Complete control

You have full control over your data and can manage it according to your guidelines. This allows you to ensure your company’s data protection and compliance requirements are met. And because you only pay for the resources you actually need, you have better cost control – which you can also manage yourself.

Scalability and flexibility

This enterprise cloud computing solution is tailored to the needs and requirements of your business, making it easy to customize resources without having to purchase additional hardware or software. As a result, you benefit from high scalability and great flexibility.

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Swiss Cube: our managed private cloud solution

Focus on your core competencies. With managed IT services, our experts operate and manage your IT infrastructure in the private cloud.

Swiss Cube, our Infrastructure as a Service solution, helps you take the smart route into the cloud. By renting instead of buying, the IT infrastructure can be tailored to your needs. With Swiss Cube, you benefit from a high-performance infrastructure with corresponding speed, as well as scalability and flexibility. And you don’t need to worry about a shortage of skilled workers anymore, because we’ll manage it for you.



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Why should you choose a Green private cloud?

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Secure environment

Our systems and processes are regularly checked and certified so we can guarantee a high level of availability and security. For the third time in a row, we’ve been named the leading provider of data center solutions and services in Switzerland.

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Swiss location and jurisdiction

We operate data centers at four locations in Switzerland. This enables you to meet compliance requirements and means your sensitive data is subject to the Swiss data protection act (FADP).

Data network development

Best connectivity

You benefit from redundant internet access, over 50 network providers, and direct connections to major public cloud providers and SwissIX. We also offer you attractive site networking solutions.

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Cloud ecosystem

Every company has different requirements and needs. In collaboration with our experienced partners in the Ecosystem, we offer you a tailored solution for your cloud strategy and beyond, as well as providing advice and support.

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Remote expertise

Do you need on-site support in one of our data centers? Our Remote Hands service covers simple and straightforward maintenance tasks, while more complex tasks are handled by trained technicians following consultation with you.

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Focus on sustainability

Our data centers are energy-efficient. We use ambient air for cooling to minimize cooling requirements, in addition to innovative waste heat recovery. This means that outsourcing your IT infrastructure to Green’s private cloud is a sustainable choice.

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Other exciting solutions


Through automation and cloud-based management, SD-WAN allows you to simplify connectivity management.

Cloud Connect

Efficient connection with the world’s leading cloud service providers and the world’s largest data centers, system integrators, and managed IT services providers.

Datacenter Interconnect

Benefit from our geo-redundant locations in Switzerland and the global connection of more than 700 data centers.

DDoS Protection

Effectively protect your IT infrastructure against cyber attacks and ensure its reliability and availability.

Self-managed IT infrastructure

Would you prefer to operate your infrastructure yourself in the secure environment of one of our Swiss data centers? We have attractive solutions for every requirement.

Colocation Racks

Do you need 10, 20, or 48 rack units for your servers? You choose the solution that’s right for you.

Data center cage

Do you want a private cage? We offer a wide range of products in standard sizes or custom configurations.

Data center suite

Do you need a lot of space and a custom solution? With a suite, you have an entire room to yourself.