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Public Clouds

For companies that want to maintain their digital pioneering role in the future, the public cloud is the place to be. The benefits are obvious: scalability, maximum flexibility and high innovation speed are nowhere as pronounced as in the public cloud. Do you want to make the most of these opportunities? Green will find the perfect solution.

Your benefits

Multi Cloud

A hub für computing services

As a Swiss data hub, we cover the full spectrum of cloud needs. You'll find everything necessary to succeed: ready-to-use colocation racks, software and infrastructure services as well as hyperscale solutions.

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Swiss proximity to public clouds

Providers such as Google, Microsoft or AWS already operate Swiss cloud regions. We connect you to the cloud of your choice, enabling highest availability at lowest latency.


Exceed competition

Public clouds open up new markets, accelerate your product development as well as your time to market. The standardized environment simplifies work with new functions and applications.

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Scalability and availability

Public clouds are highly available and there are no limits to the scalability. You can quickly deploy additional resources as needed and adjust them again at any time.

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Innovation at the click of a button

Large cloud  providers offer from numerous predesigned components and services, for example in the area of artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT as well as the latest container technologies.

Our range of computing solutions

Public cloud services are part of a comprehensive strategy. This affects housing decisions as well as data management and networking strategy. Green solutions cover the entire spectrum.

Housing for outsourced IT

Professional colocation racks at the highest level: from simple colocation racks to more advanced rack choices or even individually expanded data center suites.

Shared IaaS on Swiss Location

Need a Swiss outsourcing solution? Our Virtual Data Center provides maximum flexibility and networking opportunities.

Journey to the Cloud

We guide companies on their journey to the cloud, step by step.

Cloud Connect

Do you want to take full advantage of the opportunities that public clouds offer. We have the connections you need.

Hyperscale infrastructure

Green boasts a full-fledged data center know-how. We develop, build and operate high performance facilities that set new standards.