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Cross Connect

Want to significantly reduce your latency through a physical connection within the Green data center? Cross Connect allows you to directly connect your IT infrastructure to your chosen service providers. 

Your direct connection to business partners, network providers and carriers

We offer you direct connections between your private IT infrastructure, business partners and service providers, including internet service providers, telecom providers, network providers and cloud providers. 

Our technicians install and maintain connections to the meet-me room for you. This allows us to provide you with a stable and secure connection for a multitude of business needs. 

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Cross Connect in the meet-me room

In our Green data center meet-me rooms, we enable you to exchange data directly with your chosen service provider via a physical connection (known as Cross Connect). All of your external connections go through a meet-me room. You retain control over the cabling and flexibility in your choice of service providers. 


Pre-cabling is always required for Cross Connect. This ensures the physical connection between the meet-me room and your rack or the carrier rack of a service provider. Fiber or copper connections can be used for pre-cabling. 


Your benefits with Cross Connect

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With Cross Connect from Green, you have connection options to various service providers and thus retain your independence.

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Expand your connections quickly and flexibly - even across national borders.

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Benefit from secure connections that are deployed and managed based on your needs.


Improved performance

Benefit from better performance of your applications thanks to direct connections to service providers and business partners.



Direct connections mean you benefit from a reduction in your latency.

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