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Data Center Internet

A reliable Internet connection tailored to your needs forms the basis for efficient and successful business operations. Whether it be to communicate with customers, partners or employees, use required applications or take advantage of cloud services. Connect your rack or cage in the Green data center to the Internet easily, quickly and reliably.

What are the benefits of direct Internet access from the Green data center?

Data center Internet offers you greater flexibility thanks to scalable bandwidths, a variety of connection options to the Internet and optimal security. Use a simple or redundant Green connection or combine a Green connection with an Internet connection from an Internet service provider (ISP) as redundancy to increase availability. Enjoy quick connections to the entire world through public and private peerings with the most important Internet exchange points (IXP).

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Your benefits

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Benefit from a symmetrical bandwidth and dedicated connections – with no volume limit.

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Redundant connections are possible with third-party Internet service providers (ISP).

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Public and private peerings.



Benefit from low latency thanks to the direct connection in the data center.

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  • What are Internet Exchange Points (IXP)?

    An Internet Exchange Point is a physical location where providers of Internet services (such as Green or Swisscom) are connected to companies that provide the infrastructure for the Internet services. At Green, you benefit from direct access to the largest IXP in Switzerland - SwissIX. read more

  • What are Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

    Internet service providers are service providers from which private individuals or companies can buy or rent a connection to the Internet.