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Data Center Interconnect

Graphic showing Green as a data hub and the networking of the four Green Datacenter locations.


High-performance data center networking is vital for the business world. Green data centers are versatile data hubs that facilitate effective, secure and fast networks. And we are connected to more than 700 additional data centers throughout the world. In Switzerland, our dedicated fiber optic ring provides geo-redundant connections between our locations.

Do you want your data center network to be fit for the future? We would be happy to advise you on optimum connections and useful additional services. 

Your benefits

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Your professional backbone

Green makes reliable data transfer its top priority. To ensure high transfer capacities, our backbone boasts multiple redundancies and security provisions.


Low latency

The closer, the faster: Benefit from low latency thanks to excellent connections and short distances to the major public clouds. Our fast connections help you to evolve within Switzerland and internationally from USA, Europe to China.

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Optimal value for money

You benefit from all the advantages of the Green infrastructure: high levels of efficiency resulting in lower costs, with inclusive broadband connection and several IP addresses – and a range of options for just the right customized solutions.

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High levels of security

Our locations meet the most stringent security requirements in line with applicable national and international standards. Certified processes, "state of the art" encryption and numerous other technical measures protect your data.

More infrastructure solutions

Dark Fiber

With dark fiber, you decide how the fiber-optic connection is configured and operated. We provide the fiber to the required transfer points. You supply the devices and take care of setup and operation.

Carrier Rooms

Our carrier rooms contain connections to the various national and international network service providers. Ask for the carrier of your choice.

Meet-me Rooms

Each of your external connections goes through a meet-me room where we provide cross-connects between your infrastructure and the desired connection. You control the cabling and remain flexible in the choice of service providers.