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Site Networking


Connect with us and we’ll connect you to the rest of the world. With a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, we optimize your site networking. We offer connections to more than 50 network service providers, we network your sites in Switzerland and abroad, and we facilitate fast links to the services and clouds of your choice.

Future-proof infrastructure

Do you want to improve your connectivity? Our offerings provide the required flexibility to ensure the reliable transfer of your data and to enable the growth of your digital infrastructure according to your needs. 

Your benefits

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Tailor-made solution

With our services, you get the bandwidth you need and the security you require. There is an extensive choice of innovative options. Together, we find the ideal solution.

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If you want to manage your networks yourself, we provide you with the necessary infrastructure. We would also be happy to take care of the end-to-end monitoring.

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Our full service provision

Our experts are here to support you. We manage and monitor your network solution 24/7 to ensure round-the-clock availability. Our multilingual support team will be on site to help you.

Our network solutions

Secure data transfer with IPsec VPN

Benefit from the advantages of the internet coupled with the security of private networks. The IPsec internet protocol guarantees secure data transfer on the internet with the AES encryption standard. This technology acts as a secure tunnel through the internet. A QoS (Quality of Service) process allows you to prioritize selected types of data to give precedence to business-relevant data.


Dedicated network with MPLS

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) can be used for company-wide networking. Each site has its own label and is connected with the required bandwidth, creating a dedicated network for your company. MPLS boasts low latencies similar to those with leased lines.


A new dynamic with SD-WAN

The software-defined network SD-WAN brings a high degree of flexibility and means new lines can be used without delay. SD-WAN automatically selects the best connection for the specific application, thus improving performance across the board.