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China Connect

Fast and secure data connections are the key to a well-functioning IT infrastructure. China Connect from Green provides you with a range of direct network connections to major cities in China and Asia. 

Do you want to connect to a site in Asia?

Green is a leading provider of network connections between Europe and China. Our partnerships with leading Asian telecommunications providers make it easier for you to get started with complex network connectivity in China.

With China Connect from Green, you benefit from:

  • Fast, secure, and reliable connections to Asia
  • Guaranteed network availability of 99.9%
  • Local support



[Translate to Englisch:] Weltkarte mit Verbindungen von der Schweiz nach Asien

Low latency for destinations in Asia

Green’s new route to China runs through Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia to save you a whole lot of distance and time. The latency time drops to under 200 milliseconds for all major industrial centers in China.

Typical values:

  • Bejing in 120 ms
  • Shanghai in 140 ms
  • Shenzen in 160 ms
  • Hong Kong in 160 ms
  • Singapur in 140 ms
  • Tokyo in 180 ms


Do you have questions about China Connect?
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Are you familiar with the challenges of site networking in China?

Local regulations, cultural differences, and requisite knowledge of the local market make it difficult to establish business networks in China. With China Connect, Green offers site connections to China along with access to our local network of partners in the country.

The connectivity solution for your site in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. 

Our local partnerships in China enable us to offer you clear added value. The local loop – the last mile – can be challenging. Our network partners in China offer fast connections throughout the country as well as to other major cities in Asia. Together with our long-standing partners, we have extensive experience in China and the cultural know-how needed to get your site there up and running faster.

Your benefits with China Connect

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Flexibility & scalability

Our offer can be flexibly expanded to suit your changing needs.

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Local network

You will receive local support through partnerships with leading Asian telecommunications providers.

Reliable and secure

Our partners have various connections to Asia, allowing them to direct your traffic along the best route.

Is China Connect the right solution for you?
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China Connect at a glance

Green is the leading provider of network connections between Europe and China.

Fast and reliable

We guarantee a secure and reliable connection.

Local network

Benefit from local support through our partnerships with leading Asian telecommunications providers.

Fast and direct

Minimum latency due to direct line guidance from PoP (Point of Presence) to PoP.

Guaranteed service

We guarantee high network availability with our SLAs.

Tailored to your needs

Benefit from a wide range of bandwidths.