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Data Center Security

Green is committed to state-of-the-art data center security, because building security is the basis for successfully and reliably outsourcing your servers and data. 

How to properly protect a data center

At Green, physical security includes a variety of features and measures. Our sites are located in separate, secure zones. The fenced, guarded buildings are massive functional structures made of fire-retardant materials. We ensure operation with systematic monitoring (DCIM), with early warning and automatic extinguishing systems. 
Green thus fulfills the three essential points for your IT projects: guaranteed building security, a wide range of redundant networking options, and security of supply with power and cooling.

Green security measures

Location marker with a lock

Best locations

All Green data centers are located in low-risk security zones, where the threats from natural disasters, industrial operations and traffic routes are low.

Cage 6 rack

Strong building envelopes and safety zones

Our data centers are predominantly purpose-built buildings (Tier IV) constructed from fire-retardant materials. Depending on the location, five to eight safety zones with specific protection concepts are implemented. Additional zones are possible for dedicated cages.

Finger points to screen

Controlled access

Authorized customers have independent access to the data centers at all times. A modern, biometric system and mantrap gates ensure controlled access.

Security camera

Video surveillance

Outside and inside areas are monitored seamlessly with a powerful video system. In your own cage, you decide on the means of surveillance.

24/7 availability

Sensors and security personnel

A multitude of sensors as well as alarm systems for water, smoke and dust detect problems at an early stage. In addition, our well-trained security staff ensure safe operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Do you want more security options? Contact us. There are many possibilities. We will be happy to discuss individual feasibility and implementation with you personally.


  • Access reporting
  • Dedicated video surveillance in the cage
  • Separation gate for Datacenter Suite


  • Further safety zones (dedicated zones possible)
  • Dedicated fire compartment or segregation of hardware into separate fire compartments or data centers


  • Alternative locking systems for racks and cages
  • Special racks – intrusion-proof or with EMP protection