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A data driven, sustainable future

More data, greater digitalization, more applications and higher sustainability targets. The question of whether companies should invest sustainably in digitalization is no longer an issue. The much larger question is, which partners support them in a goal-oriented manner.

Banks, insurance companies and online specialists have long recognized the value of data. They are investing large sums in data-driven customer experience and digitalization. Today’s CIOs are no longer just concerned with the IT infrastructure itself. Their understanding extends far beyond that. After all, customer orientation, new Capex/Opex models and platform-driven and service-driven infrastructures that support the operational business are today's benchmark for future-oriented IT. 

As part of this transformation, data center outsourcing is on the rise in the finance and insurance sectors. A modern, secure and highly networked external infrastructure not only ensures greater flexibility and a better cost model, but also mitigates the risk posed by the impending shortage of skilled workers. If chosen correctly, CIOs can even reduce their IT’s environmental footprint by outsourcing, thus making an important contribution to the company’s sustainability goals.

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How important is sustainability in banking IT?

Roger Süess: In addition to cost optimization, secure data handling and sustainability are firmly anchored as strategic initiatives in the financial sector. Customers, employees and society expect concrete action and appropriate transparency. Since banking services use a very high proportion of IT, improving its ecological footprint is an important lever. As a responsible data center provider, Green consistently invests in energy efficiency. We support our finance and insurance clients in achieving their sustainability goals and continuously implement new concepts, such as waste heat. We firmly believe that sustainability pays off for everyone. For companies and the environment.

Roger Süess, CEO Green:

“We firmly believe that sustainability pays off for everyone. For companies and the environment.”

How do the Green data centers improve a company's ecological footprint?

New studies show that older data centers use around 46% more energy than modern data centers such as Green’s. This potential is considerable. But at the same time, companies struggle to modernize their own data centers. High investment costs, the shortage of specialist personnel and critical interventions in the operational infrastructure represent the biggest hurdles. At Green, energy efficiency and safety are our top priorities. From architecture to server operation and cooling, everything is geared towards maximum efficiency and security. Our engineers actively advise customers on data center planning and operations. Every kilowatt of electricity saved improves your footprint and reduces operating costs. In other words, it’s a win-win.

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What requirements does a banking data center have to meet?

Our customers are on their journey to the cloud. They are looking for hybrid ways to exploit their innovative potential while operating their existing IT more efficiently, scalably and securely. We provide support with new business models, private and hybrid cloud approaches, new public cloud connectivity solutions, and state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data center solutions. For us, best-in-class means measuring, reviewing and continuously developing our operational excellence in terms of both energy efficiency and the security of our facilities, in access, security of supply and processes. In addition to ISO certifications, Green is the only data center operator in Switzerland to hold the internationally recognized M & O Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute.

Roger Süess has been CEO of Green since 2019. For more than twenty years of his career, he was responsible for IT infrastructure and most recently also for cloud strategy at the major banks UBS and Credit Suisse. 

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