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Hammock, corporation, or autonomy – what’s your preference?

At Green, employees enjoy exciting challenges, a great deal of freedom and a wealth of opportunities for personal development.

Studies have found that a fair and friendly working environment, a good work-life balance, opportunities for development and promotion, sound employee support and training opportunities are the most important factors when it comes to happy, satisfied employees. But is that really enough in today's world? Browsing through job ads, with all the benefits they promise, you’d be forgiven for envisaging a future full of happy employees who’ll never want to leave their jobs and recruiters who’ll very soon be out of a job.

Companies advertise attractive workspaces, hammocks in the office, gyms and relaxation rooms, and much more in a bid to attract talent. But the “new normal” has, once again, thrown a spanner in the works. The beautiful offices remain empty, the hammocks unused, because nothing quite beats the new flexibility that comes with working from home, or indeed from anywhere in the world.

Fewer hammocks, more freedom

At Green, we opted for a different approach years ago: after all, we believe that autonomy, a great team, an interesting role and working in a network are the real drivers of employee satisfaction. A good working environment, opportunities for development and first-rate employee support are standard for us, since we’re in the midst of a growth strategy and long ago recognized that growth can be achieved only with good employees. At Green, we offer our employees something unique: personal freedom to bloom and grow.

Our CEO Roger Süess firmly believes that a company’s journey can lead to success only when its employees are given personal responsibility, autonomy and a big dollop of freedom.  

We’re shaping the digital future together with our employees

Studies show that by 2025, more than 80% of companies will be in the cloud. Green is actively helping to shape this digital transformation and is investing huge sums in modern, innovative and sustainable data centers. And we’re not shaping this digital future from the top down, but rather together with our 170 highly motivated, highly independent employees in an active network. Our success is based on every thought, every idea and every extra mile our employees go each day. We embrace diversity in all its forms, since diversity enriches every team. With workplaces in various locations, we’re continuously shaping our journey to the cloud: with innovative positions and interesting team structures. Whether you’re an HVAC or network operations engineer, an IT specialist, data specialist or salesperson: At Green, our employees find purpose and a strong vision that also helps them grow personally.

We work hard and enjoy working

This kind of culture doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something we work on each and every day, working together to overcome even the biggest challenges. We encourage our employees to try new things, to go that extra mile and to forge boldly ahead. 

At Green, we have a strong vision: we create the necessary foundation and space for our customers to thrive digitally. We offer our employees security and place our trust in them. This article is aimed at anyone wishing to progress in their career and to leverage the energy and creativity that working autonomously brings. 

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