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How can my website be found better on the Internet?

Searched, found, clicked – this is what should happen with your website. In order for your users to find your website, a good ranking on Google is central. How you can contribute to a better positioning in the search engines, you will learn here.

The higher your website appears in the search results, the greater the chance that users will visit it. This is because most searchers click on the first hits on Google. Here are eight tips for your search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Make your website attractive and intuitive

Your Internet presence must be user-friendly. Ensure an intuitive experience with a logical navigation structure. Your visitors should understand the menu right away and move naturally through your website. Also, make sure you have an attractive design with easy-to-read text. Use subtitles, bullets and bold font to help your users find their way. Here are some tips on how to create a website.

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2. Structure your website in a search engine friendly way

The search engines should also understand your website right away. Therefore, already show in the URL what the respective page is about. Define links that correspond as precisely as possible to the page content. Also pay attention to the hierarchy of headings: this helps search engines to find their way around your pages. To do this, mark the titles and subtitles of each page with H1 to H3 tags. H1 is the main heading. You assign exactly one H1 title to each page. It is at the top, meaningful and unique on your website. Mark subtitles as H2, explanatory subtitles after the important H2 subtitles as H3. This way, the search engine algorithm knows which titles to pay attention to and how much.

3. Provide relevant content

Show texts and images that are important and interesting for your visitors. Google registers long dwell times and classifies the pages as relevant. If your visitors stay long and interact with your content, this has a positive effect on the positioning. Therefore, provide unique content. The following applies: Do not copy content from other websites! Search engines notice this - and punish you with a worse positioning.

4. Include appropriate keywords into your website

Optimizing your texts is one of the most important SEO measures. To do this, you integrate relevant keywords into your website. These are search terms that your target group uses to find content. You integrate your keywords in the titles (also in the H1 title), texts, URLs and the meta information of your pages. Likewise, you deposit them in the alt tags of your images. With this description, you explain to the search engines what the photo or graphic is about. But be careful: Don't overdo it when integrating your keywords. Use the terms moderately. Because the search engines will notice if you try to trick them with a high keyword density.

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5. Update your website regularly

The actuality of your website also pays off in terms of search engine rankings. Therefore, regularly publish new content, for example in a blog and update existing content. An exception is the so-called evergreen content: These texts remain "fresh" and relevant for your visitors for a long time, because they are not limited in time. Therefore, also display long-lasting content such as FAQs or instructions on your website. Use an analysis tool such as Google Analytics to check again and again how well the individual pages are visited and derive steps from this.

6. Increase the page speed of your website

The loading time of your website has a significant influence on your search engine ranking. Search engines register if your website takes (too) long to load and penalize this with a lower positioning. Therefore, insert your images, videos and other design elements into your website in a compressed form. You can check the page speed with the Google tool PageSpeed Insights for example. It measures the loading time of your pages on mobile devices and computers and provides you with suggestions for improvement. Important for you to know: Google also uses the speed of your mobile website for ranking and not only that of the desktop version.

7. Optimize your website for mobile devices

An ever-increasing proportion of users visit websites with a smartphone or tablet. In addition to optimized loading times, a responsive web design is also central to the user experience and the search engine ranking. Because Google relies on "mobile first" and better indexes websites with optimized displays for mobile devices. Therefore, it can be a good idea to create the website "Mobile First": first design your pages optimized for mobile users and only in a second step for desktop screens.

8. Do off-page optimization

SEO doesn't just happen on your website. Make sure that links from other websites or from social media posts point to your Internet presence. This way, Google will value your website as more relevant - after all, others recommend you for a reason. Activate your network and think about linking when you capture the next social media post.


It's no secret: search engine optimization is a challenging task and an ongoing process. Start today and contribute with regular measures to constantly improve the positioning of your website.

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