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The most important quality criteria for cloud decisions

The range of cloud solutions is growing – covering both public and private clouds and various service models. For most companies, however, there is no single cloud. Instead, a well-balanced mix makes sense. What are the key criteria and who are the providers in the Swiss cloud market?

Cloud quality features 

We’ve observed in customer projects that the definitions and terms used in the various cloud-based operating and service models are increasingly taking a back seat. The following quality characteristics are particularly important when it comes to cloud procurement: 

  • Security and availability
  • Data location
  • Elasticity
  • Cost and financing models
  • Managed service options
  • Degree of innovation
  • Interoperability
  • Service level agreements
  • Compliance with regulatory or internal requirements
  • Sustainability

The criteria are weighted differently depending on the industry and application and allow the advantages and disadvantages of the different versions to be optimally balanced.

Local cloud provider or hyperscaler?

In Switzerland, the range of cloud solutions is extensive and geared towards meeting a wide range of requirements. There are local cloud providers with the benefits of industry-specific expertise and customer proximity as well as the world’s leading public cloud providers (hyperscalers). AWS, Google and Microsoft not only offer their services in the country, but now also operate their own Swiss cloud regions to meet the requirements for a Swiss data location. With huge investments in technology and security, they are bringing a standardized range to the market that is available worldwide and offering a marketplace with solutions for all conceivable applications. The speed available and pace of innovation are unparalleled.

Green offers an entire ecosystem covering all aspects of the cloud journey
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For companies, however, there is no single cloud or cloud provider that can cover all their requirements. Instead, the cloud landscape of the future will consist of various cloud technologies and architectures connected with the colocation services of local data center providers. Leading providers are networked within the Green Cloud Ecosystem for joint customer projects. The tried-and-tested collaboration ensures that migration projects are successful and that field-proven solutions are available. 


Integrated cloud solutions from leading partners:
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