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Zurich Metro Campus

Green is building for the future of cloud computing on the Zurich Metro Campus. On an area spanning 46,000 m², three high-performance data centers are being built for cloud providers, companies and system integrators. The campus is offering all the services you would expect from a leading data hub: a modern, certified data site with redundant infrastructure and extensive networking, coupled with access to a complete cloud ecosystem.

«With this major project, we are one step closer to our vision of establishing Switzerland as Europe’s leading data hub.»
Roger Süess, CEO Green

Increased freedom during site selection? The Zurich Metro Campus fits seamlessly into our Swiss data center platform. In combination with our Green sites, we provide you with geo-redundant solutions. Thanks to an integrated business park, we offer modern office spaces and additional premises for SMEs and industry.

Our Metro Campus is growing! As early as the 3rd quarter of 2022, major customers will move into the first Metro data center:

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What are the hallmarks of a leading data hub?


Data city of the future

Collaboration is key: the Zurich Metro Campus not only connects IT infrastructures using the shortest routes, it also provides one complete ecosystem where businesses, cloud providers and IT companies can come together.


Sustainability as a matter of conviction

Sustainability is firmly embedded inside the Zurich Metro Campus: the architecture, room design, technologies and equipment are closely coordinated and designed for maximum energy efficiency. Freecooling with ambient air minimizes cooling requirements and waste heat utilization helps us to break new ground for a climate-friendly future.

Erschliessung Datanetz

Strong connectivity

The Metro Campus connects you to the world: connected to the carrier of your choice (carrier-neutral), to SwissIX and to all leading cloud providers, the sky is the limit as far as your wishes are concerned. Dedicated connections with Cloud Connects are also possible.


Certified reliability

The availability and security of our facilities and processes are checked on a regular basis. The Zurich Metro Campus offers for example ISO 27001, PCI DSS and audit reports such SOC2. Compliance with international standards and regulatory requirements is guaranteed.


Full Green power for your high performance

Our hyperscale data centers offer high performance for your applications, while redundant systems ensure uninterrupted operation for power and cooling around the clock.

The Zurich Metro Campus is currently being built, with the first data center expected to be completed in 2022. We look forward to offering you our entire range of co-location solutions, cages, data center suites and connectivity, along with supplementary data center services and managed IaaS services on the new campus.

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Everything you need to know about the Zurich Metro Campus

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