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How to ensure a successful journey to the cloud

The cloud journey presents companies with a wide range of challenges. Many cloud initiatives don’t fail because of the possibilities, technology or will to transform, but rather because of complexity, a shortage of skilled workers and trying to do too much in each transformation step.

What are the right steps on the cloud journey? 

The best way to complete the challenging journey to the cloud is for companies to gain initial public cloud experience while expanding their private cloud environments. Following some migrations and having analyzed the lessons learned, they are ready to expand their usage, use colocation services to replace in-house data centers and change the application landscape by moving towards more cloud-native microservices. This is a simplified model that has proven its worth. It also leaves time to implement the changes needed within the organization. This means, for example, developing the necessary in-house skills, measuring the achievement of goals, strengthening the connection between business and IT and developing a common understanding. This approach also allows the next steps to be prioritized. After all, it’s important to master and manage each technological innovation within a company. Major transformation steps should also be as industrialized as possible. This requires resources.

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To make the transformation a success: use the Cloud Ecosystem 

Implementing the cloud journey presents various challenges for companies. Today, there are an average of eight vacancies for IT professionals per company and the shortage of skilled workers is increasing from year to year. At the same time, the transformation requires a wide range of skills. A single provider would now struggle to cover them all. Specialization in professional fields is steadily increasing. This makes partnerships all the more decisive for the success of cloud initiatives. In neutral business ecosystems, IT and technology providers from different disciplines join forces to offer services. With a high level of competence, expertise and customer orientation, they provide tailored support for cloud initiatives. 

With the Green Cloud Ecosystem, we offer just such a network to help you move forward. We support your journey to the cloud in terms of strategy, migration and operation with all platforms, including private cloud, public cloud and managed platforms, and with hosting provided in leading-edge Green data centers

Leading providers united within the Green Cloud Ecosystem:

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