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Business team builds their own website together

With the right web hoster easier to the successful website

A good internet appearance leaves a lasting impression. And a successful web presence requires secure and stable web hosting. Therefore, consider the following tips before creating your website, so that you can enjoy it in the long term.

The first step to creating a user-friendly, popular website is solid planning. Ask yourself what you want your online presence to convey. Which goals do you want to achieve, which target groups do you want to address and with which content? What requirements could arise for your homepage in the future? Derive your needs from this and determine what your web host must offer in addition to storage space and connection to the Internet.

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The right home for your website

No matter how big your web presence is going to be: Don't choose the cheapest hosting plan, but one that suits your needs. While the price-performance ratio has to be right, it is important that the hosting service simplifies your everyday life as a website owner.

The right feature set

We recommend that you choose a web hosting service that allows you to deposit multiple domains for free, because this will increase your chances of success on the Internet of being found. In addition, if you need email addresses, check if they are included in the web hosting plan. Is your web hosting easy to manage? You should have access to your domains, emails, databases, etc. at all times via a control panel. And if your business grows: can you expand the scope of services at any time?

State-of-the-art technology and comprehensive security

An important factor for the success of your website is fast loading times. Among other things, this is achieved by SSD hard drives, the use of the latest PHP version and compression of files with GZIP. Of course, the security of your website is also important - both for you and your website visitors. Therefore, check to what extent backups are included in the scope of services and whether you have access to them. Using an SSL certificate proves to prospects that their data is safe with you. A firewall protects your website from hackers. A SPAM protection limits the misuse of forms on your website and detects and prevents the delivery of unwanted mail from your mail account at an early stage.

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Service providers from Switzerland

If you value fast loading times and the protection of your data and customer data, a certified server location in Switzerland is recommended. In addition, your future web hoster should support you not only before the purchase, but also after the purchase - for example, with questions about the implementation of your Internet presence, preferably by phone, chat and e-mail. If necessary, clarify in advance whether you can count on a customer care center from Switzerland.

Simple structure of your website

For professional website creation with dynamic page content, a CMS (Content Management System) is usually used. Therefore, it is important that these website applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3 can be easily installed in the administrator area. Even without programming knowledge, a website can be created with a website builder. In this case, check whether the tool meets your needs.

Business team builds their own website together

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Implementation and maintenance of your website

Your offer should be immediately recognizable and central to your website visitors. Choose a design that fits your offer. Integrate your logo, meaningful images and informative texts that your website visitors might be interested in. Good content also helps your website rank higher in search engines. Before going live, we recommend that you have the functions tested by different people.

And then? A website requires ongoing maintenance and enrichment with additional content. Therefore, even after your website has gone live, always plan time to revise and expand your website.

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You want a reliable web hosting partner that supports your high demands on performance, security and functionality?
With Green, you can count on fast loading times and security: among other things, SSD storage space, SSL and regular backups are included. Your website and data are hosted in a certified Swiss data center. The service also includes unlimited mails, a website builder and our Swiss Customer Care Center. Besides, you can now benefit from a special offer on your Web hosting or WordPress hosting.

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