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Phoenix Systems is growing and putting its trust in IT partnership

Growth is the order of the day at Phoenix Systems. The company develops in-demand IT platforms whose infrastructure runs via Green data centers. Its know-how is a valuable asset to the Green Cloud Ecosystem.

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The world of the future needs flexible systems that simplify complex processes and are capable of facing the new challenges. One provider of such systems is Phoenix Systems – a company that has evolved from a hosting provider for websites to an all-round IT systems business over the past 15 years. Today, the company based in Zurich offers infrastructure platforms, software systems for data and container management, automation, real-time analysis and encryption solutions.

These applications use large data volumes and Phoenix Systems thus has stringent demands when it comes to data center services; it has been procuring these services from Green for many years now. «Top levels of availability at multiple locations and connectivity were crucial when we were looking for data centers,» explains CEO Stefan Taroni. High expectations with regard to the security measures are another important factor. «Green meets all our needs in this area and we can also always count on their expert support.»


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Ensuring flexibility and business continuity

Phoenix Systems is currently increasing its locations from two to three Green data centers, also leasing additional dedicated hardware infrastructure as infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This saves Phoenix Systems high investment costs, allowing resources to be invested directly in value creation. Green also provides connectivity solutions, internet access and redundant networks via fiber optic cables and xWDM services.

This expansion means greater flexibility and frees up capacity that Phoenix Systems needs for new projects. Furthermore, the multi-georedundancy setup facilitates the required level of availability, thus reliably guaranteeing the business continuity that is vital for Phoenix Systems customers. The redundancies in the data center setup as well as in terms of power supply are compelling reasons to choose Green. «No other provider is better equipped for power outages than Green,» states Taroni.

The expansion project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022 but it is already obvious that it will not be the last. Phoenix Systems is one of those companies that works with state-of-the-art technologies and swiftly tests and implements suitable solutions. This attracts interest. «Our products are in high demand; we’re going to have to expand again soon,» says Taroni. 

Creating more opportunities for customers

For the CEO, the continual growth is both pleasing and challenging, making it even more important that Phoenix Systems has a data center it can rely on – as the demands on the infrastructure are also increasing.

«Green provides us with a high-performance, comprehensive package, guaranteeing availability, connectivity, security and scalability,» explains Taroni. At the end of the day, their customers also depend on the high level of availability, certified processes and extensive security measures.

Phoenix Systems customers no longer have to concern themselves with infrastructure problems, they can concentrate fully on the digital transformation and thus optimize the customer experience and their own value creation processes. This in turn ensures that customer relationships last many years, as its clients corroborate.

For example, Roberto Nespeca from the Schweizer Mediendatenbank affirms that, «The services and infrastructure provided by Phoenix Systems have enabled us to ensure that the continually expanding Swiss media archive has remained accessible for a period of more than ten years.» Students, researchers and journalists can thus rely on the archive when carrying out their research.

Finding partners, building platforms

The rapid growth achieved by Phoenix Systems is only possible when flexibility – in terms of technology and interpersonal relationships – is ensured. «We foster an agile corporate culture and fast decision-making processes,» says CEO Taroni, explaining the company’s strengths. This is how he also views the cooperation with Green, where the atmosphere is always friendly yet professional. «Together with Green, we always find a solution in the face of new challenges.»

In turn, Phoenix Systems also works on projects for Green, not least because of the solution-focused cooperation. Since 2019, the company has been a part of the Green Cloud Ecosystem that encourages all kinds of partnerships between IT experts. As a blockchain, Docker container and public key authentication specialist, Phoenix Systems is a great asset to this ecosystem.

New opportunities for increasing demand

With Phoenix Systems as a partner, Green can, for example, take advantage of the expertise of Phoenix Systems to offer PaaS solutions with Docker virtualization instead of with VM-based solutions. The resulting platform makes it possible to provide applications, interfaces and databases at the push of a button in just a few seconds.

When companies pool expertise and develop solutions together, their customers benefit as well. «This uncomplicated partnership is constantly creating new opportunities,» summarizes Taroni. And this is set to become even more important in the future, in the face of the increasing demand for integrative platforms and comprehensive IT systems.


«The uncomplicated partnership with Green is constantly creating new opportunities.»
Stefan Taroni, CEO Phoenix Systems