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7 tips for a secure website

Security is worthwhile for every website. It is essential for the success of your website that it is always available and protected from unauthorized access. This also strengthens the trust of your website visitors. With these 7 tips, your website will remain secure and popular.

Tip 1: Safe storage of website + data

Do you want to have your data stored in Switzerland? Then it is best to choose a local web hosting provider that hosts your website in Switzerland. It is advantageous if the hosting is "geo-redundant". This means that the data and applications are stored at several locations. Geographical distribution increases security even more. The data is available even if one location fails.

We also recommend that you choose a web host where your web presence is protected against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). This will help you prevent such a cyber attack from causing problems or even shutting down your website.

The new data protection law also requires secure storage of your website data. Therefore, it is crucial that your web host is data protection compliant and that you can conclude a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with them.
More about the Data Protection Act

Internet protection for website and customer data

Security for your data with Green

As the operator of several data centers in Switzerland, the security of your website is important to Green. Therefore, all website data is hosted in Switzerland. These data centers are operated under the latest security aspects. By the way, our webhostings, WordPress hostings and Windows hostings run "geo-redundantly" in several Swiss data centers.

The service against DDoS cyberattacks is included in the hosting package. In addition, Green works in compliance with data protection and concludes an DPA agreement with you as website operators.  

Tip 2: Security + trust through SSL certificate

How secure is the connection when accessing your website? Internet fraudsters collect unprotected data on a large scale and use it for phishing, spam and other scams. This can cause considerable damage.

A small "lock" at the internet address makes a huge difference: An SSL certificate for secure data exchange on your website is nowadays also a must according to the new data protection act. SSL encrypts the transmission of sensitive user data such as names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or credit card details. A secure connection is therefore important for the trust of your visitors – especially when they use your contact form or shop in your online store. You can tell whether a website is secured with SSL by the Internet address in the browser window: https instead of http.

Safe shopping is important for website visitors and website operators

SSL included for free at Green Hosting

To make sure that your data is safe, Green gives you Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for free with every web hosting, WordPress hosting and Windows Hosting  Let's Encrypt SSL-Zertifikate. Set up your SSL certificate in just a few clicks – detailed info and instructions can be found in the Green Support section. Support section.


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Tip 3: Set up backup + firewall

Has it also happened to you that a small change on the website tore the layout or a wrong click accidentally deleted important content? With a backup, you can easily restore the lost version. Backups also play an important role in restoring your website after a malware attack. This way you can restore the website to a safe state.

In case of emergency, a backup is worth its weight in gold. Because without a backup, you would have to rebuild the website again, which costs time and money. Therefore, a professional web hosting plan also includes regular backups. Check whether your web hosting package includes an automatic backup.

In addition, find out how the recovery works so that you can act quickly in an emergency. Self-service is advantageous here, as restores via support take longer and can also be subject to charges.

Another important point is protection against unauthorized access to your website. Make sure that your web host blocks any cyber attacks with a firewall.

Creating a secure website

Firewall and backup every 6 hours included

Green backs up your website fully automatically every 6 hours. These backups are available for you for two weeks, in case you find out that there is a problem on the website only after days. To restore, simply select the backup you want and reinstall this version yourself in self-service. The firewall, which is automatically activated on Green, also protects your website against hacker attacks.

More about safety at green


Tip 4: Secure Internet address with DNSSEC

Your domain could be manipulated by unauthorized parties to redirect your website to another website. If you want to protect your domain, you should enable DNSSEC. DNSSEC is a security protocol that can protect your website from a variety of cyber attacks.

Free DNSSEC on .ch domains

To keep your website secure, Green installs DNSSEC for all .ch domains automatically and free of charge. Learn more about DNSSEC and the comprehensive domain offer from Green starting at 5 francs:  DNSSEC for your Domain

Tip 5: Secure password for the admin area

Use strong passwords and change them regularly. Too many passwords like 123456 or MaxMuster1993 are still used. More secure are random combinations with numbers and special characters such as 8zZ%MP0sUd5emBeL. : A password manager can help if you can't remember too many passwords.

Attackers can manipulate your website with the password to the admin area. Therefore, choose passwords that are as complex as possible and do not use them more than once. Only give passwords to trusted people, because the more people know a password, the less secure it becomes. So remember to change your password even if you change personnel. Regular changes are also worthwhile because password hacks sometimes go unnoticed for a long time.

Tip 6: Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

Up-to-date content not only increases the attractiveness of a website. Regular updating pays off twice: Your website remains user-friendly and secure. Therefore, make sure that your website is always up to date with the latest technology – such as the latest PHP-Version, plug-ins and scripts. Software providers release updates regularly to ensure that there are no security gaps.

If you log in as admin, updates are usually visible at first glance. Otherwise, check in your settings whether you receive an automatic notification for updates.

Tip 7: Rely on professionals for support as well

Good support makes life easier. Choose a hosting service that you can easily contact with questions and concerns. Web hosts that value support offer it locally and in multiple languages. And so that you can get support at any time, you should find suitable answers to the most frequent questions in the support section.

Green Support also convinces in the test

The Green Support Team also receives top marks from PCtipp for its competent support services and fast response times. After all, customer satisfaction  is the top priority for our multilingual Swiss customer service.

Trust in Green: Because the security of your website matters to us!


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